An Update to the Residents of Charleston, Mt Pleasant and Summerville

A lot of people ask us about how the rural development proceedings are going on in Charleston, and I just want provide a quick update for everyone to learn about the good people in our County are relying on us to move forward with a project which will likely affect all Charleston’s within the area.

Whether you live in Mount Pleasant or Sujmmerville, these proceedings will likely have some kind of an indirect effect of your life. Our Rural Development Council is continuously assessing new plans so that the new developments will have a time of day for when they will be manifested across our great area.  Working with the governor and city councilmen– and plenty of other local jurisdictions– we are providing the thorough plan so that our residents will not be held in jeopardy, but rather, they will enjoy the fruits of their labor by living in the Lowcountry.

Our town and counse people are continuously keeping in touch and we promise to hear you out! You are more than welcome to come to any voice your concerns to us in person every Tuesday at 9 a.m. at the Starbucks in downtown Charleston.

We feel an obligation to keep local residents of Charleston abreast of all the new developments happening all the time with the new highway system going through Mount Pleasant to Summerville as there is cause for concern for how this may affect local people in Charleston.  You will not have to worry because we have worked with local officials to ensure that the roads are safe and that you are taken care of and that is only a portion of where our responsibilities lie on when we meet every week.

We promise to continue to work with local officials, residents and county clerks to ensure that every plan we propose will have a possibility to be enacted to help our great area thrive in the next generation!

Moving forward we feel that such developments will have a proactive approach for continuously developing new areas and assist in our rule development plans by 2020, and we are confident that the Rural Development Council will have the connections we need.   Our team and our board are here to help you identify the areas with in Charleston which will help us an act new policies to be rolled out across the area.

If you have any suggestions for how we might pursue the best use of our resources moving forward to help the Lowcountry thrive, you are more than welcome to contact us today and we look forward to providing you these ongoing reports in the future.