Attracting businesses to move to rural areas can be quite a daunting task for any small community. But what can these communities do to be part of the business communities? In this article we’ll discuss what attracts new businesses to rural areas.

1. The First Solution is Planning – Intentional planning

What exactly do we mean by Intentional Planning? Most rural areas have similar problems which include: transition to service based economics from their most familiar tools of trade, rural to urban migration of the younger generations, lack of residential housing, and poor planning for entrepreneurs. Planning is the key tool for getting these rural communities onto the map to becoming attractive business hubs for new businesses.

2. Demographic

It is clear that in most rural areas, the demographic is that of under 20 year old and over 45 year old lacking the in-between. Once they identify such challenges, they can plan on how to curb this annoying menace. This is because the in-between (21-44) age bracket is usually the desired work force by most businesses. Small towns can do bench marking in areas where such age is retained to understand how to do so themselves. Creating art centers, boulevards and river walks can be some quick wins for such towns.

3. Data Presentation

It is quite unfortunate that most governments don’t consider publishing their data in an attractive way. Most of them publish this data as mandated by national governments and forget how if it were well presented it would attract investors. By being smart, the government can provide information on their taxation, industries available, their economic growth, housing policies, health, education and training, IT adaptation and much more. This is basic information considered by any business as due diligence. This data can be provided in a different website if needed to offer a range of information, especially on start-ups in the region, operating costs and how to grow business in the town.

4. Niche Positioning

Most young people consider their career paths before joining any business. If where the business is being placed proves to be a business hub with lots of opportunities, they are most likely going to stay. Most cities need to present their locations as international locations. Globalization is making the world smaller and city officials are facing difficult choices of either adapting or collapsing. Those that are smart enough to adapt are already in the investment rich future.

5. Visionary Leaders

Uri Ben An is quoted as having said that every smart city program around the world started with a visionary leader. This means that most of these cities have adapted to the use of technology and management systems to understand their cities’ challenges and also provide solutions to their current issues. This guarantees delivery of groundbreaking solutions and exemplary services to its inhabitants. Regardless of the method you decide to attract investment in your area, you do require visionary leadership who understand the requirements of what will attract investment and have the mindset to really push for change.


The assessment of attracting any new business can be summarized as identification of opportunities in a community and planning on how to maximize their potential, learning from other communities and, strategically placing the community through good leaders.

If you have other ways that have worked in the past drop us a line.

Charleston is the beautiful and oldest city in South Carolina. If you came for entertainment In Charleston then you should make the list of all the places that you want to cover. This city has so much attraction that you can seek. You will able to enjoy historic attractions, romantic inns, and scenic harbors here. You will also find many fun activities to do in this city. Your taste buds will surely dance after having award-winning seafood here. You will surely enjoy your time with endless fun activities in this beautiful city with your family and friends. You can also explore the aquarium and waterfront park for a picnic. If you are a shopping lover then enjoy doing shopping here. If you are a nature lover then for you there are many romantic plantation gardens. Here we we going to tell you 10 places for entertainment in Charleston. Just have a look and enjoy your holidays in these places.

Charleston Music Hall

If you are a music lover then you can go there to enjoy. This music hall is in downtown Charleston and it hosts musical and theatrical experiences for the city people. Their aim is to encourage the local talent. This is the best place for music lovers and for entertainment in Charleston.

Charter and Yacht in Charleston

If you want a ride in a Charleston charter or yacht then you can enjoy tours and cruises for a different occasion. This will be great fun. You will able to visit Kiawah Island, Fripp Island, Beaufort, and McClellanville. These yachts are highly equipped and you will fully enjoy your tour.

Ghost Tour

If you love to enjoy a haunted place then have a ghost tour. You will get a different range of ghost tours there that includes pirate ghost tours, the dark side of history, and ghost carriage tours.

Theater 99

You will surely get entertained when you vat visit theater 99 in the downtown Charleston. This theater displays original comedians three nights a week. All the comedy lovers will surely like this place for entertainment in Charleston. You will enjoy humor based entertainment and music shows there. If you want to relieve your stress with laughing then go there for sure.

Carriage Tour

It is another way to get entertainment in Charleston. All the visitors enjoy this tour in the evening or after sunset. You will enjoy your carriage tour after the city lights up. You can check the different companies for this carriage tour. Try another great Charleston tour.

The Dock Street Theater

You can catch the show at this theater at any lime. This is the beautiful and old theater where you can enjoy with your friends. This is the Charleston Stage Company’s home theater.

TGIF Friday night Wine Tasting

You will surely have lots of fun at this place. You can come here with your friends to enjoy TGIF wine tastings. Here you will able to taste six wines from their selection. This is great fun with your friends and family.

Charleston’s Food

Your entertainment in Charleston cannot get fulfilled without tasting food here. If we talk about the seafood of Charleston then its award winning and also you will got amazing food scene here. You need to taste it if you are visiting here. You can visit the seafood restaurant, Martha Lou’s Kitchen. and Fleet Landing Restaurant and bar for tasty and lip-smacking food.

Charleston City Night Market

You will able to enjoy 100 talented artists here in Charleston city night market. So, you should visit this place for live music and entertainment. If you went to enjoy and do entertainment in Charleston then you should visit this market for sure.

King Street Shopping District

This is the retail corridor and you will find many boutiques to shop many stylish clothes here. If you want to shop then this is the best place to go. This is famous because its historic and architectural buildings and it’s one of the best things to do for entertainment in Charleston.


There are many other places where you can visit but these are 10 of the best. You can do all these activities at night because the nightlife of Charleston is livelier than the day. So next time you visit enjoy these areas.

Let us know if there are other places you enjoy going with visiting Charleston.

How do you prefer to spend your work week? In a 9 to 5 job that has you chained to your desk? Or would you prefer to have a lifestyle that involves spending more time with your family, having more time to travel and simply allowing yourself to focus on doing what you like to do? The latter sounds much more attractive, but most of us end up in the first one. However, there is a way to change this through lifestyle design. If you are a small business owner, you have the opportunity and the flexibility to control your work life. From choosing which projects to take to decide whether to hire a bookkeeping service would be a good solution to have more vacation time, you can shape the lifestyle design that best suits you.

The first step to achieving your lifestyle goals is to consider the number of earnings you would like to earn, as well as how that would affect your personal and work life. Using the methods below, you can design the lifestyle and profit objectives that you have always dreamed of.

Many of us are victims of completely absorbing ourselves at work and we can not take the time to enjoy the hard-won gains. Instead of using profits as a measure of your success, consider marking the hours you work and then note how much profit you earned per hour. Then set a goal to earn more per hour from that point forward.

To apply this across the enterprise, think about keeping track of how much your team earns compared to your individual hourly wage by hiring outsourced accounting services to do so.

Build a trustworthy team
Your team has been hired to relieve you of the workloads you have on your desk, not to add more work for you to manage. Remember that if you mouse over your employees, that does not mean they will work more diligently and effectively. Provide space for your staff to complete the tasks you requested and then spend some time every day to verify that everything is working smoothly.

Another thing to keep in mind is trusting your suppliers to do a good job. You can always set aside your outsourced accounting services and other service providers, but you can not recover the time you spent comparing the results of your small business controller with the millions of others on the web. Do not concentrate on worrying, direct your attention towards doing what you can with the time you have.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate
Let go of the need to get involved in everything that happens in your business. This is one of the most important small business marketing strategies that you will always need to know and remember. Pass tasks, such as entering your daily expenses, to the controller of your small business. If having a full-time accountant is too expensive, train your receptionist to perform those tasks or consider working with outsourced accounting services.

Now, do not give the other tasks that you can not handle. There are certain things for which you are qualified primarily to become the business owner. Find out and then focus your time on those tasks. When you can find another person who can handle those tasks, rent them. This will allow you to have more time for your big visionary companies.

Creation of jobs for the rural Americans has been a challenge, particularly for the state economic development institutions. The rural communities are constantly faced with a shortage of resources, political or leadership will to establish an effective economic development program necessary to provide high paying jobs to the locals. In this article, I outline the plan utilized by South Carolina’s Rural Development Council to bring high paying jobs to the rural community.

Through the Rural Development Council, South Carolina aims to increase access to production requirements for manufacturing firms including transportation, power connectivity, and other amenities as well as providing the company executives with quality or cost advantages. For example, South Carolina has extensively invested in interstate rail and highway systems connecting it to the Charleston port which is a key connecting point for the region to the world market. South Carolina has improved accessibility of other amenities which encourages firms wishing to invest in rural areas such as water and electricity which have the potential to improve the competitiveness of the rural areas. Moreover, the improvement of rural areas can enable manufacturers to address the high operational costs associated with urban settings. The low cost of operations in the rural settings can enable the companies to enhance the employees’ quality of life.

The Rural Development Council has also enabled all the counties of South Carolina to come together, a move that has created seven regional economic development alliances to increase their competitiveness. Through such an integrated economic structure, the South Carolina state has enabled rural counties to develop assets similar to those of urban settings which have attracted prospective employers in the rural areas. Through the rural development council, the state has also come up with pro-business pieces of legislation. For instance, in the 2013-14 financial year, the state was able to provide $5 million to help in conducting marketing programs which streamlined information flow between prospective investors and rural economic developers. Such incentives attract prospective investors to the rural areas and the establishment of businesses here has can offer the locals with high paying jobs.

Moreover, the Rural Development Council has played a critical role in the development of South Carolina’s business model. The model incorporates both the private and public sector in creating market and product for global consumption. The public sector of South Carolina has been using rural strategic plan in aiding county leaders to create a business environment which supports new companies targeting to establish operations in rural areas as well as existing ones with aims to expand. Such efforts offer increased opportunities for well-paying jobs for communities in the rural areas.
Finally, the Rural development Council also recognizes the need to improve the employ ability of rural employees. Without a doubt, high-paying jobs require highly skilled employees. For that reason, the council has adopted the Certified Work Ready Communities program, which is a national initiative that aims to improve critical skills for locals to take up new jobs. The primary objective is to integrate education and development of work-force by aligning them with the current labor market demands of the state.

Renewable energy has been a growing trend around the world for a few years now. As the global population rises and technology advances humans are consuming more and more energy as time passes and it is necessary that we find sustainable solutions. In short renewable systems allow us to gather energy from sources that are naturally replaced at an equal or greater pace than is being used. But with any major shift in an industry, especially one as far reaching as energy one, concern is bound to arise: Money. Is renewable energy worth the investment and what are the economic benefits?

Renewable Energy Prices are Coming Down

It is true that renewable energy tends to have a higher initial cost but once the system is set up it tends to be very cheap to run. Since the energy being farmed is usually free most of the remaining costs is just maintenance and upkeep. It’s also important to note that the cost of installing renewable energy systems continues to drop making them more accessible. For example, the cost of solar power has dropped by nearly 75% since 2010. The International Renewable Energy Agency or IRENA believes that the cost of solar power will drop to half of what it currently is by 2020 adding that they believe the most efficient solar and wind farms will be operating at $0.03 per kilowatt hour or less by then. This will potentially put renewable energy at a lower cost than traditional fossil fuels. Currently fossil fuels operate at anywhere between $0.05 to $0.17 per kilowatt hour.

Solar Panel Capacity Keeps Rising

It’s not just the cost that’s been improved the International Energy Agency announced in 2016 that solar panel capacity rose by 50%. The organization believes that the capacity for renewable energy will increase by another 43% by 2022. This would total to half of the global capacity of coal power.

Jobs Will Only Increase With Renewables

But what about jobs? While renewable energy is a relatively new industry it actually does create a lot of jobs. Occupations in renewable energy range from project coordinators to managers to technicians and in some cases even software developers. In 2017 IRENA reported that they were over 9.8 million people employed globally in the renewable energy industry. The United States Department of Energy has stated that the amount of people employed in the solar industry rose by 25% in 2016 adding that the employment in the wind sector had risen by 32%.

Many Countries Are Finding Renewables Is Still Worth The Investment

Workers in this field aren’t the only ones that benefit. Job creation stemming from this field include the suppliers providing the materials needed. Those who lease their land such as farmers can also obtain additional income by allowing solar and wind farms to be built on their property. In the past, renewables have been seen as a waste investment, but times have changed and so have the prospect of renewable energy. According to the UN when China invested $103 billion into renewables in 2015 they were followed by the U.S. with $44.1 billion and Japan at $36.2 billion. BCC, a market research company, reported that they expect renewable energy to be worth over $777 billion by 2019.

Renewables have become a relatively safe investment due to rising energy demand, lower manufacturing costs, and constant technological advancements.

Renewables vs. Natural Gas

Now to address the inevitable question what about natural gas? It’s true that natural gas is cheaper than renewables on average, but there are a few problems with its use. Economically natural gas prices aren’t all that stable because most of the investment in renewables system is in building the infrastructure rather than operating. The costs of renewable energy are able to stay relatively stable compared to fossil fuels. From a different perspective even though natural gas plants produce less carbon dioxide than a coal plant the extraction of natural gas releases methane, which is far better at trapping heat than carbon dioxide. The contribution methane makes to global warming creates unpredictable climates that even further reduce the stability of the energy market. At the end of the day one thing is for sure natural gas is a finite source due to being a fossil fuel. We will use it up far faster than we can get it. Although natural gas is cheaper right now this will likely not remain to be the case we will eventually run out of fossil fuels and renewable options continue to become cheaper and more viable every year.

As of 2018, renewable energy accounts for about 20% of the world’s electricity, according to the World Economic Forum. Although the US has chosen to withdraw from the Paris agreement other growing countries such as China and India have taken initiative and the renewable energy industry is still growing. Some countries such as Norway already generate over 98% of their energy through renewable sources. As technology advances and the costs continue to drop renewables will continue to expand around the world.

A lot of people ask us about how the rural development proceedings are going on in Charleston, and I just want provide a quick update for everyone to learn about the good people in our County are relying on us to move forward with a project which will likely affect all Charleston’s within the area.

Whether you live in Mount Pleasant or Sujmmerville, these proceedings will likely have some kind of an indirect effect of your life. Our Rural Development Council is continuously assessing new plans so that the new developments will have a time of day for when they will be manifested across our great area.  Working with the governor and city councilmen– and plenty of other local jurisdictions– we are providing the thorough plan so that our residents will not be held in jeopardy, but rather, they will enjoy the fruits of their labor by living in the Lowcountry.

Our town and counse people are continuously keeping in touch and we promise to hear you out! You are more than welcome to come to any voice your concerns to us in person every Tuesday at 9 a.m. at the Starbucks in downtown Charleston.

We feel an obligation to keep local residents of Charleston abreast of all the new developments happening all the time with the new highway system going through Mount Pleasant to Summerville as there is cause for concern for how this may affect local people in Charleston.  You will not have to worry because we have worked with local officials to ensure that the roads are safe and that you are taken care of and that is only a portion of where our responsibilities lie on when we meet every week.

We promise to continue to work with local officials, residents and county clerks to ensure that every plan we propose will have a possibility to be enacted to help our great area thrive in the next generation!

Moving forward we feel that such developments will have a proactive approach for continuously developing new areas and assist in our rule development plans by 2020, and we are confident that the Rural Development Council will have the connections we need.   Our team and our board are here to help you identify the areas with in Charleston which will help us an act new policies to be rolled out across the area.

If you have any suggestions for how we might pursue the best use of our resources moving forward to help the Lowcountry thrive, you are more than welcome to contact us today and we look forward to providing you these ongoing reports in the future.

Map of Downtown Charleston South Carolina

In this map, you will find a map of the historic Charleston Downtown Area. This map provides the details for roads, churches, colleges, marinas, car parking, and visitor’s centers in Charleston, SC.

In this map, you can see the interstate highways crossing the state of South Carolina. From the map, you can see where the highways intersect across the state. From Greenville to Charleston, you can see the major highways, rest areas and welcome centers across the entire state.

We just want to briefly announce of our new website.  We are proud to let you know that we have some big plans to announce for you later this year.  Our team is alive and more dedicated than ever before to focus on providing South Carolina residents with a plan for the future you can believe in.  We plan to announce more details in the coming months regarding SCRDC in 2018.