The 10 Best Places to Visit for Entertainment in Charleston

Charleston is the beautiful and oldest city in South Carolina. If you came for entertainment In Charleston then you should make the list of all the places that you want to cover. This city has so much attraction that you can seek. You will able to enjoy historic attractions, romantic inns, and scenic harbors here. You will also find many fun activities to do in this city. Your taste buds will surely dance after having award-winning seafood here. You will surely enjoy your time with endless fun activities in this beautiful city with your family and friends. You can also explore the aquarium and waterfront park for a picnic. If you are a shopping lover then enjoy doing shopping here. If you are a nature lover then for you there are many romantic plantation gardens. Here we we going to tell you 10 places for entertainment in Charleston. Just have a look and enjoy your holidays in these places.

Charleston Music Hall

If you are a music lover then you can go there to enjoy. This music hall is in downtown Charleston and it hosts musical and theatrical experiences for the city people. Their aim is to encourage the local talent. This is the best place for music lovers and for entertainment in Charleston.

Charter and Yacht in Charleston

If you want a ride in a Charleston charter or yacht then you can enjoy tours and cruises for a different occasion. This will be great fun. You will able to visit Kiawah Island, Fripp Island, Beaufort, and McClellanville. These yachts are highly equipped and you will fully enjoy your tour.

Ghost Tour

If you love to enjoy a haunted place then have a ghost tour. You will get a different range of ghost tours there that includes pirate ghost tours, the dark side of history, and ghost carriage tours.

Theater 99

You will surely get entertained when you vat visit theater 99 in the downtown Charleston. This theater displays original comedians three nights a week. All the comedy lovers will surely like this place for entertainment in Charleston. You will enjoy humor based entertainment and music shows there. If you want to relieve your stress with laughing then go there for sure.

Carriage Tour

It is another way to get entertainment in Charleston. All the visitors enjoy this tour in the evening or after sunset. You will enjoy your carriage tour after the city lights up. You can check the different companies for this carriage tour. Try another great Charleston tour.

The Dock Street Theater

You can catch the show at this theater at any lime. This is the beautiful and old theater where you can enjoy with your friends. This is the Charleston Stage Company’s home theater.

TGIF Friday night Wine Tasting

You will surely have lots of fun at this place. You can come here with your friends to enjoy TGIF wine tastings. Here you will able to taste six wines from their selection. This is great fun with your friends and family.

Charleston’s Food

Your entertainment in Charleston cannot get fulfilled without tasting food here. If we talk about the seafood of Charleston then its award winning and also you will got amazing food scene here. You need to taste it if you are visiting here. You can visit the seafood restaurant, Martha Lou’s Kitchen. and Fleet Landing Restaurant and bar for tasty and lip-smacking food.

Charleston City Night Market

You will able to enjoy 100 talented artists here in Charleston city night market. So, you should visit this place for live music and entertainment. If you went to enjoy and do entertainment in Charleston then you should visit this market for sure.

King Street Shopping District

This is the retail corridor and you will find many boutiques to shop many stylish clothes here. If you want to shop then this is the best place to go. This is famous because its historic and architectural buildings and it’s one of the best things to do for entertainment in Charleston.


There are many other places where you can visit but these are 10 of the best. You can do all these activities at night because the nightlife of Charleston is livelier than the day. So next time you visit enjoy these areas.

Let us know if there are other places you enjoy going with visiting Charleston.